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Lucy Charalambou MA (RCA)

I am inspired by colour, pattern and textures in nature and love the changing of the seasons and the garden. I am fascinated by the symmetry found in nature, often using the close-up details of natural objects as inspiration for my art work. I have a passion for the medium of ceramics as I can combine my enjoyment of drawing with my interest in 3D work. I make both sculptural pieces and functional pots, using bright underglazes in a decorative manner to strive for harmony and beauty.

About: About

In my 20’s I studied art and design at the Royal College of Art, London and then worked as a freelance designer, specialising in woven textile design. During my 30’s raising my children became my priority and I retrained as a primary teacher. I continued to create in my spare time and explored different mediums, such as Pottery, Stained Glass, Life drawing, Portraiture, Abstract Painting and Sculpture.

In 2010 I had a solo exhibition of my paintings and ceramics and started selling my art. I have received several commissions in particular for commemorative ceramic flowers (after I made one for my mother’s grave). In 2017 I moved to Eastbourne for a change of lifestyle and to devote myself more to my art practice.


Solo Exhibition at Changing Room Gallery Walthamstow                                                            2010 

Inspired by William Morris at William Morris Gallery Walthamstow                                            2011

Open House Leytonstone Art Trail                                                                                                 2012

Open House Leytonstone Art Trail                                                                                                 2014

Open House Eastbourne                                                                                                                2017

Pottery show at Enterprise Centre Eastbourne                                                                   2018, 2019

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About: About
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